No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of: No Age’s Everything In Between

Of all the big name releases this year No Age were #1 on my most anticipated release list and the only one, so far, that didn’t disappoint at all. Top to bottom I love this record, there aren’t any dull moments, even the instrumentals are top notch. I’ve read people saying they have redefined their sound but I don’t feel that way. This is No Age and they have become tighter and more structured, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact it rocks harder that Nouns of Weirdo Rippers.
“So it’s structured and that makes it automatically rock harder?”
“Not automatically but it works here. Just because somethings improvised, seemingly or truly, doesn’t lend any piece of art work more credence than something planned out. Think about In A Silent Way as compared to Bitches Brew. Bitches Brew was highly unstructured and In A Silent Way was the exact opposite and, yes, it rocks harder because of it. I love Bitches Brew, but whenever I have to choose between the two it’s always In A Silent Way.”
“Do you think that by talking about Miles Davis adds legitimacy to this blog? Is that why you’re always mentioning him?”
“Hey, dick head, nothing could add legitimacy to this blog. I just like Miles Davis.”
“Fair enough.”

It’s not so much “redefining” their sound as it is growing more and more comfortable with it and willing to take it to new places with a perfect flow. No Age has never followed a trend as much as creating one, following what they want to do and not what a group of people are telling them.
Tonight is beautifully dark and calm in the Bronx.
And why should they listen to what people say? Everyone ends up following them in the long run, so fuck it. Hopefully not everyone follows along with the extraneous forest killer booklet, but that’s not their concern. And neither are you for that matter. Just themselves and where they’re going. But if it were really that easy, everyone would be doing it.
Inspiring lyric/motto: “La la la la without you”

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