Nobody knows but Moses and me

Sometimes I get addicted to one song. That song runs through my veins for a few days, forever chiseled into the synapses of my mind the time and place and weather of when I got addicted to it. I’m definitely an “album guy,” if there were such a phrase. It’s most likely only a self-appointed title used only by paranoid delusional music snobs and put in quotes to seem even cuter. For many of us, single songs are bullshit, and we think and say that so often that we view it as an evil to listen to anything except the all-holy album. But fuck that shit. Let’s be honest. Sometimes I listen to the same song 20 times in one day. Like the last 4 days, when my addiction was “Moses and Me” off Jack Oblivian’s new album – Rat City. As for the song, I don’t feel like writing about sound right now. So just listen. And then listen to the whole album. Though I find it hard to resist hitting the back button after track 8 finishes. Enjoy.

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  1. Of course we can repost, always happy to (despite what my lazy attitude in the past would have you believe). It should be up shortly.

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