Notes on Siren and Boris (the spider (not really))

If you live in NY, hipster or not, you should know about Siren. On one day a year a bunch of usually cool, new, “up and coming” bands play for free at Coney Island with 2 of indie rock biggest groups headlining. This year it was Steven Malkmus and Broken Social Scene. Sounds perfect…anyway.

The trip started with a usual 2 hour subway->subway ride turning into a 3 and a half hour subway -> bus -> subway -> subway -> subway ride. But let’s talk about the day.

I didn’t see everyone because I was late, and it’s also just not possible. Not to listen to entire sets anyway especially when most sets are pushing 40 min at max. Anyway…since I can barely remember anything from the sets, I’ll just give an overview of what I do remember.

People kept staring at my shirt. A) because i was wearing a black shirt on the hottest day of the year, and B) because it was a Bad Brains shirt.

Anyone remember me?

The Dodo’s were fun, I saw about 5 min of them.
Took a picture for some guy of his daughter and him in front of the cyclone.

Then saw Adam and Evelyn.

Times New Viking kicked ass. I remember laughing. I don’t know at what.

Here things are hazy

Then we all went and had a Nathan’s picnic with Rafe and Lisa. Then we saw our friends Alex, Jenna and Zach. We all went to Islands, who were fuckin insane. A cute girl asked me if I was from DC. I told her I wasn’t, just a big Bad Brains fan. She was too and she was from DC. She looked at the ground a lot in the 9 seconds we knew each other.

Then the Cyclone. Now this wasn’t my first time riding the Cyclone, but every time on the Cyclone is like the first time on the Cyclone. The woman in the cart ahead of me was screaming bloody murder the whole time. I have never seen anyone this scared before, even in horror movies. Anyway, it may have been the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed. The ride ended and she didn’t move. I’m pretty sure she went again.

The sound for Malkmus where we were standing sucked and we left after 2 songs of Broken Social Scene, who were pretty great. Three members of Pavement were there all together, only two of them were played but still…just reunite already guys.

The train ride back was significantly shorter.

Here’s a show for you that we taped on July 10th of Boris at Webster hall. It’s presented in 1 track. Mostly cause I’m lazy. Ok, completely cause I’m lazy. You can hear Adam when he arrives late.
It’s not a great recording, that’s also part of why I didn’t bother to spilt it up. But it was an amazing show. I’ve seen them three times now and they always bring the place down. This show was probably the weakest of all the shows I saw, but weak for Boris is still 10,000 times more than anyone else. And I didn’t have this recording doohickey back then.
Anyway, enjoi,