One More Up In The Air

Tigs posted the biggest and greatest collection of Husker Du already, but I found this so I wanna add it on. Its odd that I found anything at all that Tigs doesn’t already have. He said he doesn’t have this, but I bet he does and he’s just being nice to me. So this is a outtake collection I got in a humungo Du torrent. It’s called the Up in the Air Studio Outtakes. The Zen Arcade takes are already in Tigs’ 3 disc ZEN outtake set posted last week. Anyone who isn’t Tigs probably cannot follow any of what I just said. Here is the tracklist:

1. Erase Today (New Day Riding)
2. Listen (New Day Riding)
3. Some Kind of Fun (Zen)
4. Gotta Lotta (Warehouse)
5. Can’t See You Anymore (Warehouse)
6. Do You Remember? (Warehouse)
7. Sore Eyes (Warehouse)
8. Dozen Beats Eleven (Zen)
9. All Work and No Play (Instrumental) (Candy Apple Gray)
10. Misty Modern Days (Instrumental) (Candy Apple Gray)
11. All This I’ve Done Before (Candy Apple Gray)
12. Just Be (Instrumental) (Candy Apple Gray)
13. You Can Live At Home (Warehouse)
14. I’ll Tell You Why Tomorrow (Warehouse)
15. Charity, Chastity (Warehouse)
16. She’s a Woman (And Now He is a Man) (Warehouse)
17. These Important Years (Living End)
18. Could You Be the One? (Living End)
20. Chartered Trips (Living End)
21. Green Eyes (Living End)
22. Never Talkin to you Again (Living End)
23. Gotta Lotta (Living End)

3 thoughts on “One More Up In The Air

  1. I’m a brazilian fan of Hüsker Dü and i’ve searching for a long time for this album but all links are broked or invalid. Please, re-up this link if you can.

  2. Do you still have this Adam? I don’t anymore. I stopped posting live stuff because my hard drive with all of the music fried (smoke coming out) so I lost everything. If Adam has it, I’m sure he’ll post it again.

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