Out of the Blue and…

Into the Black (obviously). Adam’s been carrying the site for a while, so I decided to stop being lazy and do something. Here it is, every Nirvana fan’s dream. This is the bootleg box set to have, six discs of Nirvana. The first two discs are demos and sessions, which have an amazing assortment of songs and great sound quality. Disc three is from the Paramount Theater in Seattle on Halloween of 91. This was the last show before they took off for Europe on the Nevermind tour. Great sound quality, and as always, high energy. One of their best shows (that I’ve heard). Disc 4 Reading 92. Yeah, you know the show that when people reminisce about Nirvana and the great shows they put on it pops into their heads first. Here it is. It’s not complete, but as far as I know there are no complete versions floating around. It’s from the “1st FM Broadcast” and if I can dig up my copy from the “2nd FM Broadcast” (which has two extra tracks, but that’s still not the complete show) I’ll post it. Also it has songs from the SNL that Nirvana did. Awesome. Discs 5 & 6: The Last American Show, Seattle 01-08-94. Just an amazing show. There are also some Peel Session tracks contained on the discs, but they should be messed up because that’s how they were transferred onto CD (damn bootleggers). I’ll post a better version of the Peel Sessions soon. For more information on these discs (and the track list) go to: http://www.livenirvana.com/digitalnirvana/bootography/listing5807.html?listingquery=alla-j

There’s information on them at the bottom. It’s in alphabetical order.

***Yeah, I just realised (as I read Reloda to see if they posted something from us), that I never said the name. This is the Into The Black box set. Sorry.

Discs 1 – 3:

Discs 4 – 6: