Out On My Longboard

The Broadway Bomb, an 8.5 mile longboard/skateboard race, is celebrating is 10th anniversary on October 15-17 starting at noon on 116th street. You can check out all the details for the race here:


And you can sign up for the race here:

Even though I suck I’m still planning to participate, but not without some practice first. So I’ll see you all this Saturday, October 9th, for a practice run:

“Would people consider that cheating?”
“Some people consider anything cheating just so they can feel better about themselves if they lose.”
“So would you consider that cheating then too?”
“No. Racing athletes, which I definitely am not, are always allowed a practice run, even just one, on pretty much any course. Like the luge in the Olympics. They allow the Olympians racing to have practice runs before any of their timed runs.”
“So you’re an Olympic athlete now?”
“No, but if people who are actually good at a particular sporting event are given the chance to practice on a course before being judged then someone with no skills should at least be given that same privileged. Not to mention the environment of Broadway, like the cars, pedestrians and other forms of traffic that will be active during the race, can never be reproduced from one minute to another let alone a week before. ”
“Fair enough.”

So see you guys on (the next two) Saturday(s), at least for a little while, before everyone passes me and I’m left in the back alone like the sickly buffalo slowing down the heard waiting to die. On wheels.