Well, Kurt Vonnegut is dead. I can think of nothing better to do in response than listen to Black Flag. It seems to be the band I turn to when I’m pissed off. So, here are 3 Black Flag bootlegs that are all fucking good. My favorite it the 81 show, but the other two are good as well. The 82 show is the rollins era black flag in full swing with his songs instead of him just singing the already awesome black flag songs. So the staples of Rollins- tv party, 6 pack and rise above are all on there. Anyway- Hope you enjoy.

San Diego- 1980

North Park Lions Club – 1981

Tampa- 5-21-1982

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  1. Hello Short wave rockin.. Could you or someone please upload all these Black Flag shows again??

    I would really appreciate the efforts!

    dmsmf_AT hotmail.com

    Andre (Australia)

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