R.I.P. Siren (FINALLY)

Not “FINALLY” meaning I’m glad to see it go, but “FINALLY” meaning it’s been a long time coming and there have been rumors for years. All is not lost, however,  the 4Knots festival is coming to South Street Seaport, where they have all of those free shows during the summer anyway and in a location that is 1000 times easier for me to travel to, even though it’ll be 1000 times more packed because of it’s smaller size in comparison to Coney Island. Don’t believe me (about Siren, not about my length of trip or bullshit statistics)? Check this link out:


Don’t believe them? I don’t usually either, but whatever. All I know: there better be a t-shirt of a bunch of dead musicians riding the Cyclone into hell at this festival, or else you’ll have to make that shirt for me Adam.