Scotland meet Jersey

So The Vaselines Played their FIRST US SHOW EVER last night at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.
I think.
That pic isn’t from the show. I took it from some UK site.
Anyway, it was really an amazing show. Adam and I talked about how we never write anything when we post (or post in general but we’ll try to remedy that. I swear. I know that’s been said before. We’re not assholes but…I can’t finish that statement truthfully…ok back to the post) and that we really need to push ourselves to write more, even though I’m sure no one will read it. I could give you some long speech about listening to the Vaselines for the first time or what they mean to me but who cares? They wrote amazing, funny, weird, poppy songs. You could be walking down the street just humming one of the tunes to yourself not noticing you’re saying “Rory ride me slowly, ride me raw, raw raw.” And why shouldn’t you walk down the street singing that? It’s about a bike, get your mind out of the gutter that I led you to. You’d never know that they had been broken up for the past 15 years, they were comfortable and happy to be up there. And the banter…oh the banter. It was awkward and funny and very awkward. And that really added to the atmosphere. It was a personal show with a bunch of strangers we’ll never see again. And it was loud. Now that’s fucking impressive.
But you can judge for yourself. Because here it is. We taped it. So did some kid infront of us. His probably sounds better.
They played Slushy, what more could you want?

01 – Son of a Gun
02 – Monsterpussy
03 – The Day I Was A Horse
04 – Jesus Want Me for a Sunbeam
05 – Oliver Twisted
06 – Molly’s Lips
07 – Slushy
08 – Let’s Get Ugly
09 – No Hope
10 – Sex Sux (Amen)
11 – Rory Rides Me Raw
12 – Dying for It
13 – You Think You’re a Man
14 – Dum-Dum

The banter is all there. I tried to keep the quality as high as possible. I don’t know about the volume.
Tonight: Boris @ Webster

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  1. Thanks for uploading the show. Sounds great so far!

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