Shit we hear at Concerts #3 & #4 + a Bonus

Sorry it took so long for us to post these, but umm…yeah here they are:

All Points West Day 1:

“Did you ever see that Family Matters where they go to court and they all go ‘No no no no no no no no no.'”

All Points West Day 2:

“It was really a Yellow Ledbetter moment.”

And as an added bonus, my book reader of the day. I’d also like to say sorry to this girl who must have thought I was the biggest creep in the world just staring at her on the ground, but honestly I was just trying to read the book title, it was kind of faded:

All Points West Day 2:

Here are my texts to adam during the day

Text 1: “The white chick laying on her beach towel during animal collective reading Existentialism and Human Entines

Text 2: “My bad. The book is Existentialism and Human Emotions”