Six Hundred Sixty Six Miles Per Hour

Kyuss Bootlegs

I’ve got 3 Kyuss boots from 1995. The Austin, TX one has the best sound and best set of the three. I love hearing the Welcome to Sky Valley stuff live. Yep. Well, let me see what else I can add to this. Hmm.

Some filler: Kyuss is a band from the desert. They play fuzzy rock music. Most people know the members of the band from their various bands after kyuss: Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, anything Brant Bjork, Hermano and so on and so on. They are the best of the 90s bands labeled “stoner rock.” Oh, and listen to these bootlegs in one sitting with no interruptions.
Well, I guess you don’t have to.

Oh- one more thing. I got 2 of these bootlegs off of a music blog called Get Off My Elevator.
It’s a good blog and I hope you don’t mind I’m reposting 2 of your bootlegs. Thanks.

Austin, TX 8-95

Live at Bizarre ’95

London 2-3-95

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