So I’m Drunk

And the fucking Yankees won game one. Fuck that shit. I decided to catch up with SWR and I read the last 6 posts from Tigs. Man, Tigs. I haven’t seen you in about a year, but I guess you’re living cus you’re running this fucker while I’m pissing my time away at my new job. Good, man. Really good. I’m listening to MILO GOES TO COLLEGE right now. Good shit.

I have nothing really to say, except that somebody’s been asking for this HUSKER DU bootleg collection. I haven’t listened to it in years so I don’t really know what’s on it, but here it is. CLICK HERE MOTHER FUCKER.

And now for some substance. I made some art for the first ever SHORT WAVE ROCKIN in print. But the job I quit that had the necessities to print it is now long gone. Sooooooo. Here it is. I had a few ideas and I’ll post more of the shit I came up with.

This was the best cover I could come up with:


Paaaaaaaaarents Why won’t they shut up…

One thought on “So I’m Drunk

  1. Hahahaha, that’s awesome. I am alive, but barely. What’s the new job that you’ve got now? If I could ever get home from work at a decent time it’d be so much easier to hang out. That print is fucking awesome. I’m gonna make that a t-shirt.

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