Something about Terminal 5 (and a Bob Marley Repost)

Anyone else at Wolf Parade last night?

Since no one reads this blog, I’ll take that as a no.

Last night was my first show at Terminal 5. I was pretty psyched because the last time I saw Wolf Parade it was at Warsaw and it fucking rocked. However whenever I mentioned to anyone what show I was going to I received numerous overly pretentious answers resembling something like “You’re going THERE for the show? I mean I like Wolf Parade, but the sound is just awful and I have my head so far up my own ass that I can’t even hear the music anyway blah blah blah.”

So the sound at Terminal 5, where I was standing, was horrendous. It was like listening to the whole concert in a trash can. The stage was like some void where treble couldn’t escape. I saw a guitar, and I know it was being played, but it didn’t sound like it should have. Everything was muffled.

But what are you gonna do? Wolf Parade played for almost an hour and a half and I was able to look past the muffled sound and enjoy the hell out of myself. The rest of the crowd didn’t look like they were having a good time. Maybe it’s just indie rock shows in general, but everyone looked and acted like they were trying out to be an extra in the next Romero zombie film. 90% of the audiences biggest move was the sway…you know, when you don’t want to move but don’t want to act like your some stick in the mud who can’t have fun but who feel like they’re too old to head bang at all cause it would look stupider than you being in the crowd of this show standing still somehow. You can dance people, free your mind…

Back to the venue. Have you ever been to Graham Central Station in Nashville? Didn’t think so. GCS in Nashville is a, at least when I was living there, a 4 floor dance club. Yeah I was there, why so shocked? T5, while only being 3 floors, reminded me of GCS a lot if you were to cut out the middle of all the floors so you could see the bottom floor, the drinks were even more expensive, and it sounded like shit. The people were about the same. Probably friendlier down south.

The stage lights had me kind of tripping out at times. Some of the lights just looked so crazy, like purple laser beams shooting out of the back stage in a perfect triangle. No light escaping from the outline of the shape. It wasn’t necessary to mention the lights but hey, something nice right?

I give the place a hard time just because I have a place to bitch about it I guess, but overall the show was really good. They played almost all the songs I wanted to hear and I’ll be going back to the venue in a few months anyway for another show. I’ll try an different level next time, maybe it’ll sound better somewhere else.

I’m gonna assume that after this post and the last you now understand why I never wrote long entries. Adam is a much better writer than me, he needs to step up and blog. THAT’S ME CALLING YOU OUT ADAM!

I know that a few months ago I was asked to re-up the Bob Marley Mother B Tapes so here it is. Sorry it took so long, we didn’t really check the site for a while. We still don’t. But we’re trying.