Sonic Youth award for noise rock to fill the void because Sonic Youth is divorced: Nü Sensae — Sundowning

Though I had to look her name up to type it write here: Andrea Lukic is a motherfucking angel with a nasty snarl. Like X’s Exene Cervenka, the Avengers’ Penelope Houston and of course Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, she can really tear it up vocally. It’s the first thing you’ll notice listening to Sundowning and I feel it’s a little polarizing because a lot of noisy punk bands don’t have girl singers like this anymore. That is a shame, though maybe there’s such a void that I didn’t even really like it at first, thinking it sounded toooo much like Kim Gordon, but eventually the rest of the band won me over: the noisy guitars, interesting hooks and sped-up ba-da-bum-dum-dum Steve Shelley drum beats. After letting all that sink in I realized there’s really only two routes to go — 1. have some jerk wannabe David Yow or wannabe Keith Morris, or hell, even Keith Morris himself, singing over it, OR 2. have a screetching female. I’ve never heard anything else by Nu Sensae, I don’t think it’s that great of a band name, I don’t get the front cover, but fuck all that noise. This is the kind of pissed off pummelling your face music we should be listening to in this decrepit, miserable age. Eat your mind!

Recommended track: Tajna