Sort of Whatever

I haven’t really had the chance to listen to a lot of music in the last month or so, so I’ve been starting to catch up. It’s tough when you get into lulls where you just don’t want to listen to anything, or the only thing that you want to listen to is some old Madvillan and DangerDoom stuff, marking you even further as a total nerd. Anyway I’ve picked up some new stuff, I haven’t been able to listen to it enough to make a real review out of it, I’ve only listened to these albums once maybe. So when I say that the new Decemberists sounds exactly like the last Decemberists, you can take that as an insult or as a compliment. When I first listened to Crane Wife a few years ago I couldn’t stand it at first but after some repeated listens it began to grow on me, like a fungus of sorts. I can honestly say that my first reaction to Hazards of Love is exactly the same. I can’t stand listening to the album. As much as I grew to enjoy Crane Wife I can’t get beyond how uninspired the music on Hazards sounds. But, again, this isn’t a fair judgment of the album since I’ve only made it through one listen so far.

Next I listened to K’Naan’s new album Troubadour. After enjoying the previous album Dust Foot Philosopher and seeing again that Christgau recommended the latest work I picked it up to and have very much enjoyed it. K’Naan is a great story teller first off. He recants about his childhood and enjoying listening to rappers rhyme flow without understanding the words. But the stories are only a small piece of pie, with the beats filling in the rest. I’d try to describe it, but I’d sound like (read: am) a poser so I’ll just say take a listen for yourself.

I’ve listened to the latest Living Things album a few times now. At first I wasn’t too thrilled about the album, it seemed a little too produced and synthy at first. I don’t think I like it as much as Ahead of the Lions/Black Sikes in Broad Daylight, but it’s growing on me.

Finally I have been listening to a lot of Buck 65’s latest project, titled Dirtbike. A challenge to himself to create 3 separate albums in 3 months, a bold attempt. I can’t get enough of the albums. I wish that the discs were split up by tracks, but he’s giving all three away for free on his web site as a download, so why not. Canadian rap, fuck that, music at it’s finest. At least I think so.