Sounds like a Zebra, Tastes Like a Zebra: Chelsea Light Moving

chelsea light moving

New band from former Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore has released a couple of tracks that sound oddly similar to Sonic Youth. Who would have guessed? Just for the record, there’s nothing wrong with that. At all. It’s not that the new songs don’t have their own flavor to them, but at first glance you might think these to be b-sides from an old SY album, something that might come on one of those Deluxe Edition 4 CD Box Set. Anyway, here they all are and you can find them at the Matador Records site as well (all songs hosted by Matador) (also note: the Matador site seems to cut out sometimes and the song will just stop playing, get your shit together M’dor):

Chelsea Light Moving – Burroughs

An ode to Billy 5 Burroughs him self, this track almost sounds like a Dirty-era track, with more breakdowns and instrumental jam outs. There are only a handful of lyrics throughout, mostly repeated, but at first you would probably mistake this for just another SY track if it weren’t for the temporary slow down, initial jam out. The subsequent breaks downs are all high energy, more what you would expect.

Chelsea Light Moving – Groovy and Linda

I was continuously expecting Kim to start singing at any given point, that is until Thurston actually started singing. “Don’t shoot/ We are your children/Groovy and Linda” are they only words, repeated multiple times. I hate to keep saying these songs sound like SY songs, but they do. Even if Thurston wasn’t present these would have SY vibes to them, it’s not all his playing or his voice that dictate the familiar scent. This one ends more abrasive than others, more 80’s underground punk than 90’s alt rock.

Chelsea Light Moving – Frank O’Hara Hit

An ode to the late beat poet of the same name (minus the “hit”) this one feels like a more current SY song, something from A Thousand Leaves (1998 is current, right?). A somber beginning that crashes and explodes into a beautiful collage of noise and chaos, hitting the mark it has to and coming back to the beginning to finish the story. Inclusion/Conclusion, like Bad Day At Black Rock.

Chelsea Light Moving – Empires of Time

Growly, mumbly even at times. The blast of distortion at the end is a nice touch to leave you wanting more, but over all this may be my least favorite of the tracks. Still very good, still checking out, a smoother feel when it wants to be, but there is only so long that they can play without unleashing a wrath upon you. Melodic, even.