Start the New Year Right with SWR! Stupid Songs I Wrote in High School #1: “X”

As the new year has dawned on us I decided to dig out some old notebooks from high school, college and everything since which are full of shitty song lyrics that I’ve written over the last decade and a half or so. These are all terrible, but they can be kind of funny at times. They rarely rhyme, have tempo, or make sense in any respect. There are a few hundred of them though, so why not? I’m not going to edit these in any respect, this is meant will be a snap shot of how terrible a writer I have always been. I probably wrote this one in junior year. This is from a notebook titled “Song Book 2” a song called “X” (I’m assuming I was listening to Wild Gift¬†at the time but the Pink Flag¬†reference is obviously because of Wire):

The young ones are so innocent
They play nice and do nothing but sit
Soon they’ll lern to fly
Like so many others have died
I watched these yesterday
They were puking in the hay
No one could hear me
Only me to those three
The fight could have been rough
Good thing they’re not so tough

The punks are on their skateboards
Filling the streets with their hoard
A growing face a dying population
Maybe it’s all just a bad manifestation
I wish I could be like yesterday
By knowing everything and having nothing to day
I would be left alone
To stand on my own

The smart ones are all inside
Reading books in order to hide
The jocks are all drunk
Caring nothing for the slump
The geeks and nerds are all dead
Nothing left in their heads
A pink flag rises over the distance
Might be a sign of warning for instance
There is no community
We enjoy this unity
And the artists are still working
But there’s a dark cloud lurking
And all we can do is watch
As everything we love gets lost