Stupid Songs I Wrote in College #1: Untitled

I wasn’t planning on posting another stupid song so soon, but seeing as how this one was written on New Years Day, about New Years Eve (or something), why not. This is from a note book titled Song Book 5. It doesn’t have a title but it does have music, apparently. F-A-E seems to be the chord progression. The song abruptly ends, which I’m guessing means I never finished it, but it’s probably better off that way. The whole fly to Europe thing sort of comes out of no where and makes no sense, but that’s par for the course.

New Years Eve and I’m all alone
Sittin next to my silent tele-
But nobody calls me

I walk outside and look around
No one’s here in my town
I could rob this place blind
If I wanted to
If I had the balls

I could fly to Europe
Find a train to hop
Hang in a coffee shop
Get so high I can’t remember my name
Check out the local customs and perks

If I could I would burn this town
Burn it straight to the ground
Do it without a sound