The “Where the Hell Are They” Award: Flight

What happened to Flight? After a lucrative 2009, releasing 4 7″s, and two proper EPs/Mini Albums bookending the 2010 year, it seemed like they were bound for something more. There was a lot of buzz building around them, there were tons of shows throughout 2010 and into 2011, and the only thing the band seemed to need was a proper full length release. Then nothing. Absolute dead air radio silence since early 2011. Did they break up? Is this just a hiatus? What happened? Grungy, messy, a bit more Echo reminiscing than I usually like, but here I am two years later just waiting for something more. You may be gone (I honestly have no idea), but you’re certainly not forgotten. Check out their final release of 2010, The Lead Riders, above.

Recommended Track: Straight Line