That’s Odd, Usually the Blood Gets Off At the Second Floor: My Experience Through Blood Manor

I was fucking terrified and we hadn’t even left dinner yet. I had built up this insane, warped tour through numerous rooms of blood-soaked mayhem, where deranged, sociopathic creatures lurked through the halls, following you closely and bringing your heart to a screeching halt in less than a second. And I’m proud to say I was more or less right.

Each room was an expertly crafted den of absolute terror. I was screaming before I entered the first room, which was probably annoying to the rest of the people in my group except for Kat who found it hysterical how often I would screech in terror like a little child at every corner. I couldn’t even fully appreciate all of the thought and care went into the design of every room because I was looking everywhere to see if someone would pop out at me and try to scare me. And I would see some of them before they came. And I would scream like a child every time.

Kat and I went on the last day Blood Manor was opened, there was almost no line, and since we were the smallest group there we were thrown into the front of the short line there was which made me more terrified but I think if I was waiting longer I would have just ran out of the place screaming before we even entered. From the time on the receipt to the time we left was about 12 minutes, which was much shorter than I had read about but didn’t bother me in the slightest. Our voyage was probably cut shorter by the fact that I ran from one room to the next, using Kat as a human shield to deflect from horrors that awaited us. I’m not ashamed to admit that I ran through some of the rooms so fast that we actually slammed into the group in front of us on more than one occasion.

And so went the second haunted house visit, one that I fought hard but ultimately enjoyed. One house left, reserved for this Friday night, another trip I’m sure I’ll bitch and complain about it in the next few days but enjoy afterward.

Until next time.