The 93 (or 94) Days of Summer

Happy Summer, everyone! Who would have guessed summer would be upon us at the turn of a head? I don’t think that sentence made any sense. Whatever. I’m on the 8:30 train from GCT drinking what appears to be Vitamin Water Zero and lovin’ life. Why you ask? First because I have not written on SWR in some time and it feels good to be back. Second because tonight Alex and I will be recording our 22nd Griefed! Podcast. And finally because now that it is officially summer that means we can throw out all the old and new shit rock we normally listen to and bust out some killer surf rock! That’s right, getting back into the swing of things means daily surf rock posts, and some non surf interludes of course (we love our ludes interludes here). Starting today and ending September 22nd! From some of our favorites to some unknowns (unknown to us at least and that makes us feel special). To start this off I believe it only right to showcase the man, the legend, the king of surf rock guitar Mr Dick Dale with what could be his most famous rendition, Misirlou. This video comes from the film A Swingin Affair and features Dale and his Daletones wailing as they do. The spirit is upon us, swimming though the current to reach our destination before we arrive as we soak in the fuzzy aroma it leaves with its passing. Enjoy!