The Bach Fest & Daniel Johnston

So merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. It has been an exciting few days, no? Those of you who have had family functions to go to over the last few days know what I am talking about. The holidays bring out the best in people, it is true, but for every moment that people are the best that they can be, there is a moment of equal time where they are the worst that they can be. So yes, the holidays are fun times but they can also be trying and aggravating times, I know. It’s to be expected though, we all lose our heads around the holidays because we expect people to be as understanding and nice as we are trying to be and if that good cheer and jolliness is not reciprocated then you bet your ass some ones head will be rolling across the floor. But enough! Because there is always music to bring the mood to a new level, however low or high that may be based on your current standing. In my last post I wrote about how I had stopped listening to music and how weird it had been. I am happy to say that is over and I have begun listening to music again, not a lot of it and I have been taking frequent breaks in between, but hey it’s a start. Baby steps to get myself back into it. I was driving with my dad over to my uncle’s house to help him set up for Christmas eve when my dad said the magical words "If it’s the week between Christmas and New Years that means it’s the Bach Fest" and immediately tuned the radio to 89.9. I’m not very big into classical music, I do enjoy a lot of newer minimalist and avant garde classical, but listening to Bach is always an experience. It was like a cleansing, thrown into the middle of a Glenn Gould performance with no where to go and nothing to do except accept it and let it over take, fully emerge myself into the sounds of wonder that were coming out of the radio. I’m not going to pretend like I had heard the performance before or even know what it was I was listening to. If asked to tell you what it sounded like I could only express to you what I felt at the time and if you played it for me I probably wouldn’t be able to recognize the piece again. It didn’t matter, all I knew what that I needed to go home and put on Daniel Johnston’s Chord Organ Blues, that was the next song I needed to listen to, the next noise and sound that had to ring through my head. When the car stopped I jumped out and swiftly made my way to my room and proceeded. The song wasn’t hard to find and nothing happened when I listened to it, but it was just what I needed, my next step in my musical cleansing to let my head roam free from my norm and allow all of the brilliant music I have just sitting in my room. Sometimes I become so caught up in finding everything that I lose sense and forget to listen, and what’s more important than that? Since then I’ve been listening exclusively to Hi How Are You (oddly enough not Yip Jump Music) and I ordered one of the Jeremiah the Innocent statues that are being sold now. The green statue is still available online at The web site address was mistyped on the official Daniel Johnston site (visit @ because if you have the time to read my posts then you have the time for Daniel!), and the green statue is sold out on the official store but there is still hope for us now! Or course there is no signed box when you order from toytokyo, but hopefully that can be remedied at the Outsider Art Fair (January 9th – 11th).