The Descendents

Still Hungry – Enjoy Sessions & Live 1985

I love the Decendents, they’re one of my favorite bands ever, right behind Pavement. I can say so much about them, but it would all be biased and praise and no one wants to read fan boy shit all day on blogs, so here’s the disc. The name of the bootleg explains it all. My old boss gave me this along with a bunch of live shows by the the Replacements. Expect those soon.
Track List:
1) Shattered Milo
2) Wendy
3) Going Down
4) Kids on Coffee
5) Enjoy
6) Green
7) Sour Grapes
8) Vini Vidi Vici
9) Theme (Live)
10) Descendents (Live)
11) I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (Live)
12) Kabuki Girl (Live)
13) Good Clean Fun (Live)
14) Pervert (Live)
15) My Dad Sucks (Live)
16) Weinerschnitzel (Live)
17) Mr. Bass (Live)
18) Silly Girl (Live)
19) Good Good Things (Live)
20) Hope (Live)
21) Bikage (Live)
22) X-Mas Vacation (Live)
23) Wendy (Live)
24) Myage (Live)
25) Marriage (Live)
26) Suburban Home (Live)
27) I’m Not a Punk (Live)
28) Rock Star (Live)
29) No FB (Live)
30) I Want to be a Bear (Live)
31) I’m Not a Loser (Live)
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  1. Thanks for the Descendents. This has made my week. You got some damn fine music up on here.

  2. hey man. this link is dead. please repost it. i need this boot bad. please help out a brother in need. please please please please

    [email protected]

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