The Dubstep Joke Died in 2010 Award For Best Dubstep Album: Death Grips – The Money Store

death grips - the money store album cover

Death Grips front man Stefan Burnett would probably hate me for calling then dubstep, as it has far too many negative connotations attached to it in this post IE9 commercial era we live in. But what else would you expect from a hot headed “fuck you all” who hates just about everything in this money store of a country that we live in. Everything about this amalgamation of rap, punk and noise (as some publicly editable sites on the internet would categorize them) is fresh, even if you think you’ve heard it all before you’ve never heard it like this. There is always a disconnection from the music for the listener that dubstep tends to produce, but not here. Everything is incredibly personal and meaningful. It’s not just fucks for fucks sake, its fucks because fuck needs to mean something again.

Recommended Track: System Blower

Runner Up: Dobie – Noting to Fear… But Fear Itself