The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse (John, Paul, George and Ringo) OR: I Hate George Martin

The Beatles albums were all re released and "re mastered" (some would use quotes, the only album I’ve listened to has been The White Album (or Beatles to all you perfectionists out there) and it sounded pretty good to me) this week. It’s a big deal, supposedly. It’s something that fans have been screaming for since… well forever. The Stones did it, why didn’t The Beatles back then? It almost seems that when The Stones catalogue was re released The Beatles’ people thought to themselves "shit we should get on that." I only gather that from the re mastering process taking 4 years…it being 2009…that’s 2005… Stones reissues were 2002… maybe a few years passed out in between, that’s about right. All speculation of course. At least with the Stones they released the US and UK versions for us completists. I would have much preferred the US Rubber Soul and Revolver to the UK ones that were reissued, but I have to live with what was re released for now.

As Beatles day arrived (a day I thought of as Boredrum 9 until the Beatles had to go and steal all the thunder of 9/9/9) my dad said something that I’ve been mulling over since:

"These Beatles’ re releases can only signify the end of the album era."

They very well could be credited with creating it, so why not end it? Has the record company run out of everything possible? Is this a last grasp for air? People screamed about it, sure, but that never seemed to make any difference. And no digital release? Well that’s a little dated don’t you think? Force people out to look at all the new and great…re releases that are available. Why else would anyone go out there? We already know what the newest music is so why not tell us what old music you’d like us to buy. I saw that The Good Earth and Crazy Rhythms were re released as well. Albums that were originally issued on CD are now being re released on… CD. Double dipping seems to be the way to go, if the music industry is learning anything from the movie and DVD industry. But people aren’t as forgiving, and there are fewer special features to be found that aren’t floating around on some bootleg already. I totally forgot what I was talking about.

Ok I re read everything I wrote and I’m still not sure.

I guess it makes sense to not release it digitally yet, make this whole big deal about limited edition this and that so people run out and buy it. Never mind that you obviously have the tracks and could put the out for digital distribution, but then you can get them whenever you want and everyone could buy them, so where’s the business strategy in an unlimited amount of supply, right?

My Feelies CDs aren’t even worn out, how are they being re released? Maybe these new releases do sound better, if I pick them up I’ll let you know. And how many of these freaking 2 Disc releases of old albums do we need? I mean I’ve bought every Pavement reissue, and I’ll buy more if they come out, but still!

So The Beatles come back and are supposed to rule again despite the obvious handicap of two of them members being dead. This really is just grasping at what little straw there is left. I picked up The White Album because I heard great things about Revolution 9, and it really did sound amazing with the new mastering or whatever was done to it.

And another thing, where the fuck is Carnival of Lights???

I’m not planning on picking up any more of these Beatles releases, at least not in this wave. I’m sure they’ll be another one coming up again, probably a big hoopla for a Beatles only digital store somewhere, and maybe some other songs and versions of the songs. I’ll start grabbing for them then. It doesn’t make sense to hold onto these forever, these songs that are going to become public domain at some point anyway, and just horde them so no one will be able to buy them even though everyone wants to. Not that any of these industries are in the business of making sense. But I guess they better get to re re releasing them fast, because 12/12/12 is fast approaching and it’s going to be a long time to wait after that.

As for the disdain towards George Martin? I don’t like him, I think he’s a loser. You can make up your own mind on him.