The “Keepin the Dream Alive” Award: Placebo – B3

Placebo B3EP cover

Obviously no one has told these London alt rockers that the 90’s ended over a decade a go, and that New Order has broken up, reunited, broken up again, and then reformed again with a different line up. I’m not complaining because I’ve gotten a few listens out of this 5 song EP. Maybe it’s a little too glossy and shiny, many of the edges have been filed down, as most bands who have survived this long while still managing to stick with a major label. Most of the time it falls flat underneath itself, which on a 5 track can be pretty detrimental:  I.K.W.Y.L. (which finally takes off in the final minute), The Extra (which at least they call themselves out during) and Time Is Money (I can’t tell how much of it is a joke). You know what, never mind. It’s better than King Animal, at the very least. Well sometimes. This was originally going to be much nicer award…

Recommended Track: I Know You Want To Stop

Runner Up: Green Day – Who Gives A Fuck

(note: that’s not a real Green Day album, just commentary)