The New Pornography

At some point I figure we’re going to have to move to the .xxx domain, the random opinions on our site will eventually be declared pornographic… if anyone else ever read it that is.
I feel the same way about the Meat Puppets, and I had a great opportunity to listen to the new album yesterday but instead I opted to pass out early in the day. The once over I gave the the new Meat Puppets, Lillipop, was during a rain storm recently. Maybe the brothers Meat would be able to clear away the rain, but my wish wasn’t granted no matter how many times I rubbed the CD case. That sounds weird. I’m actually gonna throw it on now.

I’ve been listening to TV on the Radio a good bit recently, I’m enjoying their new album Nine Types of Light a lot. I’ve had it playing pretty much all weekend and last week. It makes me want to put on my dancing shoes, if I had a pair that is – instead I put on these sneakers I was given as a promo.

Well done on the taxes dude, I was able to send mine off decently early, but I have no refund in site, in fact I ended up paying a couple of grand in taxes this year. A major hit, very depressing, and since my paychecks come irregularly for some reason I hope to not be completely dead broke within the next 14 hours.

I haven’t listened to Off! yet. I’ve actually seen their First Four EPs box set laying around the office and have been interested in checking it out but just haven’t yet. I guess it’s about time that I picked it up.

A six pack of tall boys is one of the best ways to celebrate anything. Have two or three for me.