The Other World

I’ve never had a ghost follow me onto a train nor have I ever seen one on a train. There have been late nights riding the PATH train back into NYC that I feel as if the car is haunted because of the flickering lights that would completely shut off as the train comes to a halt for no apparent reason somewhere between New Jersey and New York underwater.

I’ve imagined myself on the 1 Subway Train platform at 238th street watching an infinite train,  which I stare inside of to see myself sitting and staring back and as the train moves I am in the same seat in each car, always staring back at myself on the platform as the train speeds up to the point that I no longer notice the train cars passing between and it is as though I am just sitting in a train car looking at myself looking at myself.

After a recent snow fall I returned home from work to a white driveway and steps that had to be dealt with. My dad and I grabbed shovels and attacked. It was about 8:30 at this point and after much of the shoveling had finished I wanted to clean off the steps leading up to the front door so the mailman/woman wouldn’t be pissed off the next day and refuse to deliver our mail again. My dad joined and while cleaning off the stairs I happened to look back to our drive way. There was a figure, gray, opaque, wavy, dreary and tall, staring back at me. I tried to let my eyes focus out of curiosity of an unknown figure but the specter was just as I saw it. A gray face with shadows for its eye sockets, nose, and mouth. Its body was mostly shadow but with gray outlines that described some sort of covering. I couldn’t see its legs and I’m not sure if it had any. It appeared to be floating in its place but its whole bottom half was covered by a flower garden. Isn’t that just the perfect placement? My eyes were on the possible creature for no more than three seconds before my head told me to quit dilly dallying and get back to shoveling. As I turned my head back and saw a pure white blanket I realized how stupid it was to look away from whatever it was that was looking at me. As I turned back the entity was gone. Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me but I have had far too many ghost encounters recently. Maybe it’s my mind finally deciding that it’s going off on it’s own. I don’t really mind it but I don’t know how the rest of the world feels.

In honor of my recent super natural encounters I decided to download the F.E.A.R. 2 demo on X-Box Live. If you haven’t played the first game, you are a member of an assault squad with time slowing abilities who is stuck inside of a Japanese horror movie with plenty of no face / no name bad guys running around with some of the most intelligent AI I have seen in a game. And F.E.A.R. 2 is no different: same squad, same power, same little dead girl haunting you whenever you turn your head. You never know what is going to happen to you next in this demo: as you walk down a seemingly safe hall (that’s always how it starts right?) the screen / your vision begins flashing to a different scene in the same room. The room is now covered in blood and entrails plus there are ghosts coming after you. Continue on the path long enough and you will exit the room and the vision to surprisingly be jumped by a few of the high AI baddies that the game is known for. This sort of continues and I would imagine it’s more of the same throughout the game. The visuals are stunning, from the city torn apart to the explosion of blood when you blow off an enemy’s head at close range with a shot gun in slow mo, I didn’t expect my screen to handle the game as well as it did but that is just a testament to the amount of work that went into the art design of the game (or maybe my screen isn’t as terrible as I thought it was and I don’t need to upgrade yet…).

I think that part of the reason you don’t know what’s going to happen next in the demo is because it is not one fluid level, or at least that is what I heard on (I think) Listen Up! recently. The developers strung together a bunch of different levels by blocking off certain ways to go and creating a path that just seem like the level was built that way. I hope that’s right because if this is just the first level I don’t know how they will top it. Walking through a desolated town, killing ghosts, killing evil soldiers, jumping in and out of a horror movie at a moments notice all to culminate at the end by jumping into a mech suit and destroying the fuck out of everything around you. Eat a dick RE5.