The Replacements

Adam has been posting some awesome stuff, so I need to post some stuff too. Post 1: ‘Mats. Who doesn’t love the Replacements? I don’t know, but I know that my old boss loved them and gave me a bunch of stuff. Here are four discs of stuff that’s all pretty awesome. First up we got The Let It Be Outtakes (missing track 2), then we got the Pleased To Meet Me Demos, then some ‘Mats bootleg that I don’t know the name of with a few quick live shows and finally the amazing tape The Shit Hits the Fans, full of covers and live ‘Mats rockin that sounds terrible because it was transfered from a very old Tape. But you’re not picky, so enoi

Let it Be Outtakes:
1) Sweet Girl #1
3) Who’s Gonna Take Us
4) Temptation Eye
5) Sweet Girl #2
6) Perfectly Lethal
7) Walkin A Little Closer

Please To Meet Me Demos:
1) Nightclub Jitters
2) Valentine
3) Birthday Girl
4) Bundle Up
5) Learn How to Fail
6) Red Red Wine
7) P.O. Box
8) Skyway
9) I Don’t Know
10) Time is Killing Us
11) Never Mind
12) Alex Chilton
13) Cool Water
14) Kick It In
15) Run for the Country
16) Going Out Of My Head
17) Tossin’ And Turnin’
18) If There’s Trouble On The Way
19) I Tried to Make This Your Home
20) Cool Water
21) The Ledge
22) I.O.U.

More ‘Mats:
Tracks 1 – 12
1989 – Lake Compounce CT 31-Aug-1989
1) Talent Show
2) ‘Round and ‘Round
3) The Ledge
4) Can’t Hardly Wait
5) Septemeber Gurls
6) Another Girl, Another Planet
7) Within Your Reach
8) Left of the Dial
9) Alex Chilton
10) Nightclub Jitters
11) I’ll Be You
12) Bastards of Young

Tracks 13 – 17
1989 – Inconcerated promo (University of Wisconsin Jun-1989)
13) Talent Show
14) Answering Machine
15) Anywhere’s Better Than Here
16) Another Girl, Another Planet
17) Here Comes a Regular

Tracks 18 – 23
1989 – Great Woods, Mansfield MA 28-Jul-1989
18) Achin’ to Be
19) Waitress in the Sky
20) Don’t Ask Why
21) Unsatisfied
22) I’ll Be You
23) I Will Dare

The Shit Hits the Fans
1) Lawdy Miss Dawdy
2) Sleeping Nights of Jesus
3) Loveliness
4) I’ll Be There
5) Sixteen Blue
6) Can’t Hardly Wait
7) I Will Dare
8) Hear You Been to College
9) Saturday Night Special
10) Iron Man
11) Misty Mountain Top
12) Can’t Get Enough of Your Love
13) Jailbreak
14) Breakdown
15) No More The Moon Shines On Loreena
16) Mirror Go Round
17) Left Here in the Dark
18) Takin Care of Business
19) I Will Follow
20) Jumpin Jack Flash
21) Radio Free Europe
22) More Fun in the New World
23) Let it Be

5 thoughts on “The Replacements

  1. Great to get a hold of all the vintage Minneapolis stuff. I spent many weekends in high school following Husker Du and the ‘Mats around.

    No live shows since then ever come close to being as good. Especially compared to the shows which had bands like Impaler as an opening act.


  2. That should read “which had METAL bands like Impaler as an opening act.”

  3. If you could repost the Let It be one, it seems the limit is exceeded… Thanks

  4. Hey,

    If you get a chance to repost The Shit Hits the Fans I would be most appreciative. I have been looking for that for a while now…


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