the Sun and the moon and the stars…

More like out of this world! Sorry, that was terrible. Anyway, I thought “what the hell, let me post something awesome and different instead of another Nirvana bootleg.” This is a live Sun Ra recording from March of 68 at the Electric Circus in NY. The sound quality leaves something to be desired, which isn’t a suprise, but it’s still a really good show. The whole show is pretty amazing, actually. If you have the chance, check it out.
Set List:

1) Lights on a Satellite

2) Unidentified

3) Friendly Galaxy / Untitled Improv

4) Satellites are Spinning (pt 1)

5) Satellites are Spinning (pt 2) / Untitled Improv

6) Calling Planet Earth

7) Somebody Else’s Idea

8) Spontaneous Simplicity

9) Space Arua

Links in the file:

– Enjoi