The year of the check plus, 2011

Was I hungrier this year? I don’t think so. I eat a lot every year. I did eat more jazz, though, even though I’m still very lost when it comes to knowing what’s good what’s great and what’s garbage. Let’s change this metaphor. I drank a lot of jazz this year, and I drank it like I drink wine: fast and without any real knowledge of what I’m drinking. I drank from the bottle sometimes (Art Blakey) and I drank out of nice glasses over I-talian food (sorry Miles) and I drank by myself (Coltrane) and I drank whilst studying (Mingus).

For the most part, I listened to that tired ole rock n’ roll, which I argue had its best year in its last 5. (The Woods came out in 2005).

I didn’t number my albums (though I briefly considered giving checks, check pluses and check minuses like Oh Mrs. So-and-So (yes, she was Japanese) from elementery school). I like the style of and the National Post over NME, Rolling Stone or Stereogum.

I don’t have all these finished already, so cut me some slack if there are pauses. This whole operation will hopefully conclude before the ground thaws.

I will be giving out awards as well. Tigs feel free to join me in that.
Here it is, the year of the check plus, 2011.