They’re Coming To Get You Barbara: The Walking Dead First Impressions

Like everyone else (where the group in question is ‘Tigs’ Two Friends’) I eagarly awaited the premier on AMC of The Walking Dead, an adaptation of the brilliant comic book series (though in the title cards for the show it says “Series of Graphic Novels”) by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Unlike a lot of current zombie movies The Walking Dead is a bit of a slow burn, more highly stylized, creeping you out with what could happen instead of what actually has happened. Andrew Lincoln is pretty amazing as Rick Grimes and can drive a scene on his own, which is good seeing as how he has a more than a few solo scenes. Well not completely solo, there are tons of dead bodies thrown around that decorate the already bleak and desolate landscape. The show doesn’t shy away from the gore, there aren’t really any cutaways keeping the highly violent content in tact. I haven’t watched many shows on AMC before, I’m not entirely sure how much they are willing to push the envelope, so to speak, with ultra violence, gore and sex, but with the very first death in The Walking Dead being a head-shot to a child I don’t think I have to worry about them veiling any situations our pre/post apocalyptic survivors may encounter.

I’m totally stoked for the rest of the season, which is sadly only 5 more episodes. Hopefully this first short season takes off and we have a long running, expertly done zombie TV show. They have more than enough material with the comic series on issue 78 already, what more could you ask for?