This is One Strange Town

This is one of my favorite Black Flag albums, live or studio. Most of the stuff is off of Loose Nut, though there is a 15 minute track with “Slip it in” and “Gimme Gimme Gimme”- the middle of it telling us all- who has the 10 1/2.
Just like Tigs, I have a problem writing about things, and yet this is a blog. Well, how about that cover, eh? Nice. Yep. This album is probably best listened to loud, loud, loud and not on headphones, ever.

1. Loose Nut 2. I’m The One 3. Annihilate 4. Wasted 5. Bastard In Love 6. Modern Man 7. This Is Good 8. Sinking 9. Jam 10. The Best One Yet 11. My War 12. Slip It In- Gimme, Gimme, Gimme 13 Drinking And Driving 14. Louie, Louie