Thoughts of the day

So here I am at work. I should be paying more attention to what I am supposed to be doing but I need a bit of a break. My mind is going crazy with database junk right now. As I try and build my first professional grade website with full original content management system, new design and coding by myself I find the water rising up a little bit over my head. So I need a break for a sec. Also I want to check out the database on the back end of SWR and see how its set up, and then pretty much just model my new site against that. Anyway, I was supposed to have some thoughts in here.
1) SWR needs a new design. We’ve had the same one for a while now and I think I have finally become comfortable enough to realize I won’t break the web and, if there is any downtime on SWR, no one cares. Hopefully Adam and I will talk about this tonight.
2) The future of the bedroom. I think this will be the final year of We don’t use it and it could easily just be added to SWR. I’ve gone into job interviews and have been asked to leave after telling them about the bedroom. Others people have just laughed about…and then didn’t give me the job later. Either way, I think this will be the final months of the bedroom, so get your rest while you can. Ok that was lame.
3) We have a lot of lists, including this one. Is it just easier to think in lists? Maybe.
4) I want to listen to SMiLE right now. Not the Brian Wilson Presents version either.
5) I’ve worn a sweater to work every single day.

I feel better.