Tigs’ Pick for 2012’s Album of the Year: The Men – Open Your Heart

The Men - Open Your Heart album cover

From the opening count, on what could be the best song of the year, to the final crash, on what could be the best song of the year, this album never stops. More than “it never has to,” it simply cannot. Tear out the engine of your car because it can run strictly on Open Your Heart. There’s no polish, no waxing, it’s blaring guitars from your neighbors garage. You may think that The Men are slowing down sometimes, or catching their breath but the truth couldn’t be further. You are the one who may need the break. The musical variety on the album will keep you guessing, thanks to the bands three main songwriters and a wide variety of influences. I’ve been waiting for the moment when I stop listening to Open Your Heart, when I grow weary of the noise, but it hasn’t happened yet. Whenever I’m asked what I’m listening to, ever since March 6th my answer has always been the same. When I wake up, I think about listening to Open Your Heart, when I’m going for a walk the first album I put on is Open Your Heart, when I buy a new record I immediately compare it to Open Your Heart and then listen to that instead. When will this all get old? It doesn’t matter. Maybe the beauty is that it’s already old, a classic in not-so-mint condition,the amalgamation of everything from my childhood and beyond condensed into a single album. Maybe it’s just a great Rock and Roll album, something we don’t see enough of these days. Maybe I’m daft. Maybe you should give it a listen and maybe you’ll see where I’m coming from. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe maybe maybe maybe maybemaybemaybe.

Recommended Track: Turn it Around