Too many bass gods make for a heavy universe.

Good news everyone! Mike Watt and Charles Dukowski will release a split 7-inch on Record Store Day (April 21). Watt and the Missingmen do a cover of Roky Erickson’s “Sweet Honey Pie.” I saw Watt and the boys play “Sweet Honey Pie” three years ago (holy shit three years ago!) in Jersey and Manhattan and it killed. This was the prac’n the third opera tour, where they did mostly covers. They came back around two years later with the opera and made those shows from earlier feel like rotten drywall. It’s not that those shows were bad, but the 2011 Watt Hyphenated Man opera live experience was one of those shows I’ll never forget, no matter how many times I hit my head whilst falling down drunk.

The other side of the upcoming 2,000-copies-only split is Mr. Chuck Dukowski, who wrote one of the best Black Flag songs of all time (and also the lyrics to one of the best Minutemen songs of all time: “Little Man With a Gun in His Hand”), called “My War” off of My War. The Chuck Dukowski Sextet plays that exact song for this record. According to the label releasing it, Org Music, Dukowski and the gang recorded it to tape in one take without any overdubs. Not sure about any of you, but I’ve always wanted to have a really close friend of mine fuck me over in some way and get me so pissed at them that I start to think of all these crazy things I’ll say to them to tell them off the next time I see them, only to finally have that moment where I see them at a bar or on the street and I say simply, “My war. You’re one of them,” and walk away. Man, that would be sweet.

Also according to Org Music is this quote from Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, which basically sums up the entire thing for me: “Watt and Dukowski doing Roky and Flag? Come on!! This is the ONLY record you need TODAY!”