Tuesday Morning Tunes: Plastic People of the Universe – Toxika

I’m relatively sure this track is labeled as Toxic Chemicals if you were to check the track listing on your copy the LP or limited run CD Egon Bondy’s Happy Hearts Club Banned. If you have never heard PPU before Egon Bondy… was their first real studio album, and obviously a play on the Beatles Sgt Pepper, and probably the best place to start. Their history is riddled with the horrors of a communist regimes attempt at normalizing society. Forced underground, and not underground like a basement in Brooklyn, for well over a decade while the myth around the band grew and spread throughout both the Czech Republic and the world. Music as a weapon, and I don’t mean that Aerosmith arcade game Revolution X where you shoot CDs at enemies. Also, I restrained myself and didn’t write “Tuesday” as “Tunesday” which I’m sort of impressed with. Even little battles…something something.