Tuned Up Tuesday: A Place to Bury Strangers – Deadbeat

One of those blow the cobwebs out of your brain type of mornings. I’m sure you guessed that if you were reading along with us last night. The thing I most like about SWR is that what we write never needs to be about something, it’s more a therapeutic activity for those of us who cannot afford real therapy. That’s what the songs are always about (sure we’ve only posted one so far, but I foresee more in the future), that’s what our writing deals with directly, whatever is on our minds, no matter how insignificant, is exactly what I like about this place. We’ve dealt for years and even decades with being cast off as insignificant by many, that’s why there is no such thing as insignificance here. And oddly introspective write up? Sure. It’s that kind of morning. If you could see the fog down here it all might make more sense.

Hear the sound
On the tracks and on the run
Now you’re down
Stupid shit you better run

What the fuck
Don’t play with my heart
I said what
What the fuck
Don’t play with my heart
Who am I

But dream alone
Driving fast and driving thin
And dream you’re home
Live in fast and live in sin

You’re all alone now you’re all alone now you’re all alone again
I said you’re fucked up girl you won’t come down don’t take me down now you’re all alone again

I let you in
Holding love and hold it in
Feeling bad
And looking thin
Holding on and holding in