Unicorns Live @ Echo Lounge, Atlanta 3/2/04

Ok so here’s what I’m gonna do. Today I will post this Unicorns show. Tomorrow I will post an Islands show. Why did I need to tell you that? Because I don’t have much to say but have a blog and want to use it so I have to fill up space somehow. Anyway, if you never heard the Unicorns before you’re missing out. The Unicorns were an indie rock band (but really so much more) from Canada that had a sound all their own with songs that are so catchy you’ll be singing them out loud before they even finish. I don’t know where I found this show (like most of the stuff I have) but it’s flat out amazing. The band has alot of energy and are and having a lot of fun. The sound quality pretty good so I don’t care if you know the Unicorns or not, pick this up. Oh yeah and they break out into P.I.M.P. during The Clap and it’s great.

Tuff Ghost
Talk 1
The Clap
Inoculate in Innocuous
Talk 2
Talk 3
Ghost Mountain
Child Star
Talk 4
Sea Ghost
Talk 5
Ready to Die
I Was Born (A Unicorn)
Emasculate the Masculine (labled Unknown Title)
Tuff Luff
Haunted House
Le Os

The Link is: