Nothing is new. Nothing is original. Rock nRoll is great if you’ve got epicycles. My theory on all of life, actually: EPICYCLES! You are doing it all the same as everyone else, but you make a little turn, a little spin. It’s amazing how big this little spin can make or break a band. And the Vivian Girls have this little spin. They are running the same pattern as My Bloody Valentine and Sleater Kinney and the Vaselines (not exactly the same style these bands, back off) but they do it without shoving their influences in your face. It’s impossible for me to nail it down, but I think this band has that spin. They’ve got epicycles.

Their first album, rereleased by In the Red, who I’m very weary of as a record label, just came out last month and its everywhere! Are they evil? Are they “indie” too cool for school? Are they real? These questions apply to both the label and the band. I like listening to the album. Good bass licks. Nice fuzz. Vox are hidden and echoed to oblivion, but that’s kinda the thing, right? The entire fact this album exists make me nervous, which is GOOD, don’t worry! I’m nervous because Im straddling the fence between really cool hipster music bandwagon and actual good music. I’d like for them to prosper and record their Call the Doctor, but I have a bad feeling. No one is going to care about the Vivian Girls in 1 year, just like no one gave a shit about them a year ago when they opened for Golden Triangle who opened for King Khan and BBQ in Bushwick. I pressed play and started typing to the VIVIAN GIRLS S/T LP and I need to stop because the music stopped. Decent debut. We’ll see where it leads us. Bleh.