Wake Up!

The Minutemen

I’ve got three Minutemen boots here. Listening to the 3-9-83 show (the best quality of the three) I am again realizing how fucking amazing D. Boon is. I was looking up some things online about him, and he’s # 89 on Rolling Stone’s list of best guitarists of all time. The list is complete bullshit, but I was psyched to see they gave him some credit. As far as originality, I’d have him in the top 5. He had one of the most distinctive guitar sounds in the history of rock music.
The other two shows are very low quality, but nice to have… just because.




There’s a documentary out called We Jam Econo. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard good things. Also- the past few weeks I’ve had some fun looking at the stuff on Mike Watt’s home page called
Mike Watt’s Hoot Page. He does an online radio show called The Watt from Pedro Show.
Its interesting to see what he’s listening to, especially newer bands. He likes Boris and Jay Reatard, which is pretty cool.

And I’m not finished yet.
Here’s a youtube Minutemen clip to show you the grace of D. Boon.