“Do you remember the first time that Sleater-Kinney broke up,” you’ll ask.

“Yeah, those were the dark days. It was really a hiatus more than anything else,” you’re significant other will respond.

“They weren’t all dark days though; Corin’s first album was really good. And Wild Flag was just an all around amazing group.”

“Oh yeah Wild Flag, I was sort of hesitant at first but they really were more powerful than I could have imagined. It was poppier than I had expected but the more I listened to it the greater attachment I felt to the album. There was a much greater sense of experimentation on that album than I realized at first.”

“It was much more subtitle resting behind the extremely tuneful songs.”

“Carrie really comes into her own as a lead singer too.”

“Shared vocals, you cannot discount the raw energy that Mary from Helium brings with her.”

“I’m not discounting it, but Carrie is really the stand out. She truly brings everything to a whole new level. What did you think of Rebecca from The Minders in the band?”

“To be honest it took me a few listens to even notice her, but once I did she was evident in every subsequent listen. The rest of the band made me want to jump up and down, she made me dance.”

“And Janet to tie it all together, as she always does. Remember when she was drumming for the Jicks?”

“That’s the only thing I remember about the Jicks. Who was the front man for that again,” you’ll chuckle.

“Some slacker,” you’ll both laugh.

“Let’s give that debut Wild Flag album a spin again, for old times sake, turn it up loud too. Enough so the guy 3 floors up can hear and try to complain. It’s not past 10pm yet.”

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