Zombie Dance #1

Adam here at Short Wave Rockin. This is the first compilation compiled by myself of bands that I found on MySpace that don’t suck. I thought long and hard about what to call it and I could only think about Zombies… So officially and amazingly, here is the Short Wave Rockin Zombie Dance Compilation #1.

Here is the plan: I want to start making compilations of tiny independent bands that I like and more importantly: allow their songs to be downloaded on MySpace. What the fuck is up with this? Why would an unsigned band not want their song to be downloaded off their MySpace? Stupid motherfuckers. Maybe they think the song will make them rich one day. I don’t know. Anyways, my process was basically going to bands I knew I liked and seeing who they were friends with and the chain went on for a long long time. When I got to a band I, 1) checked to see if they were either unsigned or on a truly independent label (none of those “indie” rock bullshit labels) 2) I clicked on download on their songs to see
If they passed these two steps, I gave em a listen and if I liked what I heard, I put them on this compilation.
It’s pretty simple, though it took forever because hardly anyone allows themselves to be downloaded.
If you are in a band and have a MySpace- please let me download your songs- what the fuck!?

This was done with absolutely no permission from any of the bands. I don’t know any of the bands and I even had enough restrain to not include my own band (even though we are now dead) I’m looking at the list now and I put the Dwarves on there! Haha, anyways, most of the bands are really small..haha how did that happen?

Also, I’d love it if you would make your own mix with the same goal of listening to new bands that don’t suck.


01. Bad Sports- Ooh Ooh Ooh
02. Charlie and the Moonhearts- Shucka Shucka
03. Vivian Girls- Damaged
04. Kamikaze Trio- Make This Place Mine
05. Uh-Oh- Lofi Disaster
06. Digger and the Pussycats- All Time Low
07. Dynamo- All the Beautiful Girls
08. Chris Crofton & the Alcohol Stuntband
09. Ape City R&B- Dynomite
10. The Fucking Eagles- Hurricane Lucy
11. American Relay- Curtain Call
12. Grafton- Gave You Up
13. Dead Ghosts- Bad Bones
14. Dwarves- Dominator live
15. Artimus Pyledriver- Gone to the Mountain